Painting at the Indiana Dunes - Photograph by Ed Gelasi

“I love the land that surrounds us...the hills, valleys, farms and animals...the way the sunlight is created anew for my appreciation and inspiration. Facing the challenge of outdoor painting ”en plein aire”-- the joys (and exhaustion) of long studio hours brings a fulfillment that I can share with others and enjoy for a lifetime.”

“An artist will remind you of what you have neglected, reveal treasures you may have overlooked, make wonderful the commonplace.”

The midwestern landscape is one of subtle beauty and enduring charm. The paintings of Angela Gelasi showcase this simple, natural beauty that many might overlook. “My paintings are usually inspired by the calm...a moment of fleeting light and color. God has laid such beauty at our feet, and as an artist, I find this beauty irresistable”

A natural-born artist and designer, Angela Gelasi has studied under acclaimed artists including Chuck Marshall, Wende Corporale, Susan Ogilvie, Margaret Carter Baumgaertner, Judith Carducci, Paul Leville and Doug Dawson. Her work is on display at her own gallery in Williams Bay, Wisconsin; at, and is enjoyed by private collectors around the world.

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